Guest Lecture delivered by Sarma Vangala, Phd, Peng CEO Metastrategy, Inc. from Canada

October 17, 2017,

Today the Faculty of Economics and Business of Jember University gets an honorary guest visit from Canada namely: Sarma Vangala, Phd, Peng CEO Metastrategy. His arrival was warmly welcomed by Mr. Dean and Dean. This general lecture was attended by several lecturers and students of the Faculty of Economics and Business.

 "Indonesia is still struggling with poverty and unemployment, inadequate infrastructure, corruption, a complex regulatory environment, and unequal resource distribution among its regions" Sarma Vangala said. To that end, Indonesia must make fundamental changes in all improvements in both economic and cultural fields. He also explained several theories about fixing corruption in Indonesia which is becoming a trend today.

Indonesia is included in the top 90 corrupt countries with a score of 37 by the end of 2016. Meanwhile, Denmark entered the cleanest country of corruption in late 2016. Through various question and answer session he explained there are several strategies to overcome this.