Preparation of the 20 Th Symposium National on Accounting (SNA XX)

September 26, 2017

SNA XX (20th National Accounting Symposium) Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Jember which is planned to be held from Wednesday 27 September until Friday 29 September 2017 has been "busy" since D-2.

Physical preparation from the decoration, protocol, hotel booking to administrative affairs and other small details has been planned so well. Understandably, because who will attend to participate in the grand event is about 1,000 invited guests. The VVIP guests from the Central Government are the Minister of RISTEKDIKTI, Prof. Father. Drs. H. Muhammad Nasir, M.Si, Akt, Ph.D and Deputy Minister of Finance.

In addition, there will also be representatives from several institutions and other relevant institutions, such as the National Board of the Indonesian Institute of Accountants (IAI), delegates from universities, academics and other professionals.

"Intensive coordination from all sides is desirable for the smooth progress of our activities ..." Imam Mas'ud (Chairman of the Organizer) appealed to all members of the committee on the sidelines of the SNA 20 kick-off meeting on Monday September 25, 2017.

Imam Mas'ud further requested that all sections be ready because the invited guests have started arriving from Monday (25/9) afternoon.

Chairman of the Transportation Section (Andi Rohman) reported a pickup fleet for guests using air transport was also prepared at Notohadinegoro airport (Mr Imam)