History of Economics and Business Faculty Jember University

Mid-May 1962.

Rector of UNITA Jember together with the board of Yayasan UNITA Jember confront Banyuwangi Regent to discuss opening of Tawanalun Banyuwangi's ECONOMY. The local government welcomed the plan with several conditions.

Mid-year 1962.

With the blessing of the Local Government, the opening of FACULTAS ECONOMY Tawang Alun Private University was opened in Banyuwangi Regency. Attended by Banyuwangi Regent Bp. R. Soegito Natasagito and Member of BPH Mr. R. Djoko Soeroso. DR. R.Ahmad. Mr. R. Th. Soengedi and MR, E.Utreht from UNITA Jember. The Dean of Faculty of Economics UNITA is held by MR. Utrecht and secretary of the Faculty by Soeryopoetro. The first lecture took place in Pendopo District followed by 100 students.

Mid 1963

After knowing that with S.K Mentari PTIP NO11 / 1963 dated 5-1-1963 About penegerian Faculty-Faculty in the environment UNITA Apparently not including the Faculty of economics in Banyuwangi. So the plan that promised envoy UNITA Jember when facing the Regent in mid-May 1962 that the faculty of Economics will be in the country within a year become unfulfilled. Preparatory Committee of ECONOMIC FACULTY in Banyuwangi urged on Unita Jember for the enforcement process to be completed soon.

The founders of UNITA Jember in Jakarta. Jakarta is the secretary of the committee of FACULTY ECONOMICS UNITA Banyuwangi as well as members of BPH Banyuwangi went to jakarta itself did not join the entourage from jember. It turns out that in Jakarta met and together facing PTIP minister in Jakarta and urged that FACULTY OF ECONOMICS Private university tawang alun in banyuwangi soon in nergerikan.

November 10, 1964

By the Decree of the Minister of PTIP NO .: 151/1964 dated 9 November 1964 ECONOMIC FACULTY The private university of Tawang Alun in Banyuwangi was declared, within the University of Djember, while the dean was still held by prof. Mr. E. Utrecht (Former dean of ECONOMIC FACULTY UNITA) and secretary FACULTY OF ECONOMY remain in the post by Drs. Soeryopoetro (Former secretary of ECONOMIC FACULTY UNITA Banyuwangi) from Local Government of Banyuwangi Regency.

December 31, 1965

Ahead of the G30S / PKI tragedy lecture activities are not smooth. The faculty leadership officials are not in their PCS. Then done revamping. Both by the local government and from the university itself. From that moment FACULTY OF ECONOMY was built by Koodinat Council of Jember University Banyuwangi branch. With the policies of Rector of State University of Djember (Rector Decree Number: 583 / UA / 22/65 dated 31-12-1965 signed by Pds Rector Ltn Kol.TNI AD Winoto and in OB24 Jember), the faculty status is changed to branch FACULTY OF ECONOMICS. In order to conduct lecture branches FACULTY OF ECONOMIC. Law and Faculty of science education in Banyuwangi. By the local government has provided the campus.

End of Year 1974

Branch FACULTY OF ECONOMY State University of Jember in Banyuwangi closed end of 1974 then in Banyuwangi no longer there are institutions of higher education for high school graduates. The reason for the closure of the ECONOMIC FACULTY Branch, due to the issuance of education and culture ministerial decree R.I. about the closing of all branches of the faculty within the University and state institutions to reintegrate with their respective parent.

End of Year 1975

Campuses that are customized by the local government of Banyuwangi district are then temporarily used as a place of education, skills. This activity was then transferred at the center of youth skills training (PLKP) in Labanasem district Kabat Banyuwangi.

September 1976

Answers Rector of the University of Jember Bp. Soetardjo SH to open a non-degree Higher Education Institution is well known by the Banyuwangi Regent Col. Djoko Supaat Slamet. This institution was successfully established thanks to the decision of the Minister of Education and Culture R.I. No: 042 / II / 1907 dated 16 March 1975 on the establishment and development of the education of administrative experts at the University and the State Institute. Program P.A.A.P is realized with a decree Rector of the University of Jember. 5617 / V3207 / 1976 dated. 29 September 1976.

March 14, 1977

PAAP was inaugurated establishment on March 14, 1977 at Pendopo of Banyuwangi by Rector Soetardjo D.H attended by Dean of ECONOMIC FACULTY Universitas Jember Drs. Hardiyanto Purbangkoro and Regent Ltn Kol. TNI AD Djoko Sutana Wijaya on Jl. Attorney General Suprapto number 140 Banyuwangi.

February 12, 1986

Located at Pendopo of Banyuwangi Regency held .. official closing of PAAP program by Rector Drs. P. Warsito was witnessed by KDM regent Banyuwangi Djoko Wasito. The closure of the Banyuwangi PAAP program was to conform with the decision of the Minister of Education and Culture R.I. on Corporate Administration Science. All PAAP program students have completed their studies and work throughout Indonesia.